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- A Little About Me -

    I've been a creative person for as long as I can remember.  I still think of the first song I ever wrote - it was about a red robin.  One day, I'll remember enough of it to write it down again, just for posterity.

    My first introduction into music was when I remember hearing the radio and the DJ's.  I just knew: "That's what I want to do!"  I began drum lessons when in 3rd grade, but finances prohibited my continuing them and definitely prohibited getting any kind of "real" drum kit.  I settled for a recorder and learned a little about music with it. 

    Years went by and I never had, nor made, the opportunity to pursue my real desire.  Finally at about 20, I hooked up with a few guys and "Don't Walk" was formed.  At first, we were not good at all, but as time went by, we got really good!  We played some parties, some picnics and the like, but mostly jammed on the weekend and every other spare minute we could find.  After a few years, we worked on a few originals, but never were able to complete them.  As the old song goes...."Those wedding bells are breaking up that old gang of mine."  Here is a few cover tunes we actually got down on our very primitive equipment: Proud Mary, I've Just Seen A Face, I'm Down, Johnny B. Goode, & Honkey-Tonk Women  Unfortunately the recordings really don't do "Don't Walk" justice, but it's all I've got from a time gone past.  I hope you enjoy it.

- What I've Done -

♪    Performed as Disk Jockey on WZTA 94.9's Amateur Hour.
♪    Anchored the news at Piper High's WKPX .
♪    Broadcast as an on-air personality for WKPX with my own 4 hr show which aired on Saturday morning’s.
♪    Run board for live stage performances and public appearances.
♪    Appear as Master-of-Ceremonies for weddings.
♪    Perform as Disk Jockey at weddings, parties, functions, etc.
♪    Host Karaoke shows.
♪    Perform as lead singer in local band.
♪    Guest performer for bands at various venues.
♪    Written numerous songs in Country, Rock, Pop, AC, Dance, Metal, Rock genres
♪    Written novels
♪    Write screen plays for commercials and movies
♪    Self-taught guitar player

- Where I Am - Where I'm Going -

    From these beginnings, the seeds of creativity have been sown and have begun to flower.  After Don't Walk disbanded, I continued on with my music and creativity.  I've worked with a number of musicians over the years on various projects and have performed at many live events.  I have written numerous songs that are just now emerging into the public eye, hopefully to be performed by everyone at some point or another.  I've completed 1 novel and am currently working on 3 others, along with other writing projects.  If you need some copy or other creative material, please feel free to call.  All original production work on my pages are for hire.  Call me at 954-275-1600 or drop me a note for details.  My goals are set, and the course has been laid out.  My intent is to be able to provide songs and stories for use in all facets and genres of music, and for my stories to be read and made into movies for the big and small screen.  Please visit my pages often, as they will continually be updated with new material and content in the months to come.

- Thanks for dropping by my Bio-Page -

   With all the choices in the music/entertainment industry, I just wanted to say: "Thanks! for dropping by and reading my bio."  We hope to bring you more news of releases and happenings as time goes by.



Thanks for Stopping By!

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